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Don't Assume You Know

January 10, 2023

When dealing with medical conditions HR representatives can assume more than they should. In this episode Pandy shares the danger of exercising medical knowledge only a medical professional can provide.


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Exempt Payroll Deductions: When and How

December 21, 2022

Did you know that The Fair Labor Standards Act allows employers to deduct pay from exempt workers? Under the supervision of the division of Wage and Hour, the FLSA has very specific conditions for making deductions from the payroll of an exempt worker. Pandy discusses these rules and when to exercise the decision to withhold pay from an exempt worker.


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Contents of an Effective Offer Letter

December 14, 2022

Offer letters are more than simply the position and start date. In this episode Pandy reviews the essential language to establish an employment relationship and what not to forget or exclude.

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The 7 Disciplines of Human Resources

December 7, 2022

Most people don't realize how much knowledge it takes to be an HR Generalist or even an HR expert. Learn the 7 disciplines of Human Resources and why it takes decades to be considered an HR expert.

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Top 5 Legal Documents in HR

November 30, 2022

In this episode Pandy identifies the top 5 HR documents that require the assistance of a labor law or employment attorney. These are the documents you may need to enforce so mistakes are not an option.


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The 4 Most Powerful Words in HR

November 23, 2022

Learn what the 4 most powerful words in Human Resources are, when to use them and how training your team this technique can save a company from tremendous liabilities and risks.


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