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Blog Entries - Jan. 2023

Recommendations of HR Audits

January 31, 2023

Audits are a standard in Finance but how many of you are performing HR audits. Learn the most common and essential audits all HR professionals should be conducting on an annual basis.


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5 Myths of HR Policies Part 2

January 24, 2023

In this episode Pandy continues with 5 more policies and HR practices that are misunderstood and many times misused.


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Love in the Workplace

January 17, 2023

Love in the workplace can be dangerous and disruptive if not managed. Pandy gives you several aspects to consider and a hint of what could go wrong when the love ends and emotions grow cold.


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Don't Assume You Know

January 10, 2023

When dealing with medical conditions HR representatives can assume more than they should. In this episode Pandy shares the danger of exercising medical knowledge only a medical professional can provide.


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