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Blog Entries - Aug. 2022

Workers Compensation

August 31, 2022

Have you been trained on workers compensation? Does your team have the information they need in the case of a work related injury? This episode will provide best practices and training tips to apply in any state.

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Why is There a Workforce Shortage

August 24, 2022

Walt Tracy, President of atWork Personnel shares the root causes for the workforce shortage and what companies can do to confront it.

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Too Small for HR

August 17, 2022

Companies don't realize how many federal agencies and laws apply to employment. Many believe they're too small for these laws to apply to them. Pandy shares the federal agencies and the laws every business employing workers should be aware of.

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10 Personalities of Bullying

August 10, 2022

Workplace bullies are destructive and can lead to multiple problems in your company. Pandy shares 10 personality traits that help you identify the bullies in your workplace.

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Background Check Mistakes

August 3, 2022

HR Profile Founder and President, Mark Owens talks about the importance of background checks and the most common mistakes companies make when conducting a background check.

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