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Blog Entries - Nov. 2022

Top 5 Legal Documents in HR

November 30, 2022

In this episode Pandy identifies the top 5 HR documents that require the assistance of a labor law or employment attorney. These are the documents you may need to enforce so mistakes are not an option.


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The 4 Most Powerful Words in HR

November 23, 2022

Learn what the 4 most powerful words in Human Resources are, when to use them and how training your team this technique can save a company from tremendous liabilities and risks.


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Pandys Reading List for HR

November 16, 2022

If Bill Gates and Warren Buffet can have a reading list so can Pandy. In this episode Pandy discusses her favorite and most commonly referenced reading material for her clients with Courtney McKinnon, a training Director with The HR Academy. Start building your HR library of reference and training materials with this selection.

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5 Myths of HR Policies

November 2, 2022

HR Policies are changing at the speed of light and others are just simply misunderstood and not applied correctly. Pandy reviews the 5 most common HR policies that are perceived as confusing and preventing companies from compliance.

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