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We are The Human Resource USA, your full-service human resource firm.  


The Human Resource USA is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations of all sizes meet their HR goals and reduce company liability. We have years of experience in the industry and we are proud to bring you exceptional service and communication while crafting custom solutions to fit your needs.  


At The Human Resource USA, we understand that your greatest resource is your people. That is why we work tirelessly to make our human resource solutions work for your business and your employees. There is no shortcut to HR success. That is why we offer a wide range of programs designed specifically to address the human resource issues of every kind of company.  

Our Distinguished Human Resource Leadership 


Guided by the unflinching leadership of our founder, Pandy Pridemore, The Human Resource USA has quickly risen to prominence as one of the United States’ best outsourced human resource firms. 


Our services range from per-project support services, single-instance HR solutions to help you tackle specific needs, to long-term services and developmental packages, services designed to handle long-term issues your company will face and get your company’s HR services off the ground.  


Whether your business needs HR developmental packages, long-term services, interim support, per-project support, or mediation, The Human Resource USA is here for you! We are a nationwide HR outsourcing firm and we are eager to use our knowledge and passion to help reduce your business’s liability and to help you succeed.  

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Your Business’s Next Chapter Starts with The Human Resource USA 


The Human Resource USA is proactive in everything that we do. There is nothing more important to us than to deliver responsive, innovative, and personalized HR solutions for your business.  


If you have human resource needs anywhere in the US, The Human Resource USA is here to get your business on track! 


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