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Developmental Packages


Nationwide Developmental Packages to Strengthen Your Business's Human Resources

The Human Resource USA is the nation’s premium human resource solution firm. We offer the best developmental packages for businesses all over the United States to help strengthen your compliance and legal support.  

Below are our top five developmental packages to help improve your business’s care HR practices.  

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The Guardian

Think of the Human Resource USA as your guardian angel. We help the busy professional stay up-to-date on ever-changing labor and employment laws on a monthly basis. You never have to worry about being uninformed on new HR laws or best practices again. The Human Resource USA proudly provides insight on pending legislation and best practices for the best compliance and legal support for your business.  

The HR Master

For this package, the Human Resource USA provides a full review of your company’s core HR practices and up to 12 hours of personalized consultation for your current compliance and legal support issues or concerns. This package includes enrollment in the Guardian program (above) and harassment training for your entire team.  

The HR Partner

This package includes the Fundamental Compliance audit (detailed below) and the HR Academy interactive sessions for you and your team (virtual or on-site). This helps boost your core HR practices and includes up to five hours of consulting services per year.  

The Fundamental Compliance Audit

Is your business compliant with the current US laws and HR best practices? If not, then the Human Resource USA can help you identify what you need to change to get back on track. We will review your core HR practices, and we will teach you the standards set by the Department of Labor, IRS, Homeland Security, and the National Labor Relations Board, in addition to other governing agencies. We will provide your company with the forms, checklists, and policies to help you maintain compliant practices.  

The Alliance

Created for the “what-if’s,” this package provides one-to-one conversations both monthly and/or as your needs arise. The Alliance gives you all the benefits of our Guardian program, with the added benefit of up to 12 hours of consulting services to meet all your nationwide HR needs. This is the ideal package for maximum compliance and legal support to help you get on pace with nationwide HR best practices. 

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