Employee Handbook: What Should You Include?

Employee Handbook: What Should You Include?

Employee Handbook: What Should You Include?

Are you ready to create an employee handbook for your business?  

An employee handbook is a critical aspect of any business, big or small.  

Your employee handbook is an essential tool for establishing expectations, guidelines, and policies within your organization. It also serves as a valuable resource for you and your employees by outlining rights, responsibilities, and procedures clearly and concisely. 

But do you know all the information that should be included in this important document? 

At The Human Resource USA, we understand that many businesses struggle with navigating what policies they should have in their employee handbook, leading to confusion and potential legal issues down the road.  

Therefore, we have constructed a guide on three code of conduct policies that you should include or update in your employee handbook to serve as a valuable resource for your organization.  

From anti-harassment policies to your dress code policies, it is important that the information you provide is comprehensive.  

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Anti-Harassment Policy 


To maintain a safe and respectful work environment, it is pertinent for your business to include an anti-harassment policy in your employee handbook. This policy should outline the expectations for behavior and ethics necessary for creating a discrimination-free workplace. 

By clearly communicating these expectations, your business can demonstrate its commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive work environment, making sure that all your employees are treated with respect and dignity. 

Below, we have constructed a list of four things to include in your anti-harassment policy. 

  1. Define what constitutes harassment, including verbal, physical, or visual actions that create an offensive, hostile, or intimidating atmosphere.  

  2. Explicitly state that any form of harassment based on attributes such as race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or disability is prohibited. 

  3. State that your business does not tolerate retaliation against those who report harassment or participate in investigations. Employees should be encouraged to promptly report any incidents of harassment to their supervisor or an appropriate designated person within the organization. Confidentiality should be assured for those who report harassment, and a clear procedure for addressing complaints should be outlined. 

  4. Highlight the consequences of violating your anti-harassment policy, which may include disciplinary actions ranging from counseling and retraining to suspension or termination of employment, depending on the severity of the offense. 


Dress Code Policy 


Your business's dress code policy is an essential component of your employee handbook. It outlines the expectations for employee attire and appearance while representing your company.  

The policy should cover various aspects to ensure professionalism and appropriate representation. 

We recommend that you provide the following information:  


  • State the desired level of formality. This can range from business-related to casual, depending on the nature of the business and its industry. You should specify the approved attire for each level, including details about clothing, accessories, and grooming standards.

  • Address any safety requirements. Clearly define what your employees should wear to confirm their safety and the safety of others while operating specific machinery or in hazardous areas. This may include wearing protective equipment, such as helmets, gloves, or safety shoes.

  • Outline any specific requirements for client-facing roles. These guidelines should consider your company's image and the expectations of your customers. It may include instructions on wearing a uniform or specific branded clothing and maintain a neat and professional appearance.

  • Clearly state the consequences of non-compliance and outline the process for addressing dress code violations. This allows employees to understand the importance of adhering to the policy and its potential impact on their employment.  


Communication Policy  


A communication policy is a significant component of your employee handbook that clearly outlines the guidelines and expectations regarding communication within your business. 

By having a communication policy section in your employee handbook, your business can promote effective and professional communication practices among your employees that enhance productivity and foster a positive work environment. 

To effectively address this policy within your employee handbook, you should include the following key elements: 


1. Purpose and Scope:  


Clearly define the purpose and scope of the communication policy. Explain why effective communication is important and how it aligns with your organization's goals and values. 


2. Channels of Communication:  


Identify the different communication channels available within your organization, such as email, telephone, video conferencing, and in-person meetings. Specify the preferred methods for specific situations or topics. 


3. Confidentiality:  


Highlight the importance of maintaining confidentiality when communicating sensitive or proprietary information. Specify the procedures and precautions that employees should follow to ensure the security of information. 


4. Use of Business Resources:  


Establish guidelines regarding the appropriate use of business resources, such as computers, the internet, and telephones, for communication purposes. Clearly state any restrictions or limitations, such as personal use or accessing inappropriate content. 


5. Social Media and Online Communication:  


Specify guidelines for your employees engaging in social media and online communication related to the business. Clearly outline expectations for representing the organization positively, respecting confidentiality, and avoiding any behavior that may damage the company's reputation. 


Write your Employee Handbook with The Human Resource USA 


The Human Resource USA is ready to provide comprehensive support and assistance to your business.  

Government agencies control what is established in handbook policies, and they include Homeland Security, the National Labor Relations Board, and all the many divisions of the Department of Labor, and they are constantly changing the rules. In fact, most handbooks not reviewed since June 2023 are not compliant. Therefore, it is important that you do not simply use the internet or copy policies from previous employers, but rather have an expert that can help guide you through.  

Whether you are starting from scratch or need to update your existing employee handbook, our team is here to help you create a compliant, professional, and effective resource for your employees. 

Your employee handbook serves as a vital tool in establishing the tone for your workplace culture and communicating essential information such as company policies, benefits, disciplinary procedures, and more!  

By partnering with The Human Resource USA, you can ensure that your employee handbook is up-to-date and reflects the unique needs and requirements of your business. 

Our team of HR professionals will collaborate with you to understand your specific industry, company culture, and employee demographics to create a customized handbook that fits your exact needs. 

We will work with you to carefully review and update your existing policies or create new ones that align with best practices and legal requirements. 

Our focus is on simplifying complex information using clear and concise language to ensure that your employees can easily understand and adhere to the policies outlined in the handbook. 

Let The Human Resource USA take the burden off your shoulders and assist you in creating or updating your employee handbook. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business thrive. 

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